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Rare Public Apology

There are and have been a few things in my life where i have flip flopped or like changed my stance on something and here is another one.... I use to say how i couldnt stand jessica simpson because of how dumb and annoying she was and i felt bad for nick for putting up with it and i would probably divorce her or something to save my sanity and that thre is a point where stupidity overcomes looks and she was that example....

Nick I'm sorry. I apologize and I was wrong in everything i asaid.

I just saw her Boots are made for walking video and Jessica is smoking. Nick gets props for laying down the pipe on her like a pro. She was NEVER able to move her body like that EVER. Even in her irrisitable video where she's dressed real hot and dancing. She didn't have the whole hip thrust thing down like she does now. Nick i salute you and i have inserted my foot in my mouth.
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